Boston Soul Food Restaurants

Boston Soul Food Restaurants

The Boston area is full of soul food restaurants that serve traditional southern fare. From sweet cornbread to juicy barbecue ribs, these soul food restaurants cook it up right. As a result, you get a mouthful of flavor when you visit them. So which soul food restaurants are the best in the Boston area? Below are the top three spots. These soul food restaurants are the ones everyone in town (and on the Internet) rave about and, as a result, are worth a try.


Chef Lee’s Soul Food restaurant is one of the most popular spots in Boston area. It has a lot to do with their mac-and-cheese, savory collard greens and fried chicken. These folks know how to put the extra “oomph” in a plate of food that makes you want to eat a second helping. The atmosphere is family-friendly. You will actually see famous African-American photos along the walls as well as Chef Lee’s own family. Go to Chef Lee’s Soul Food restaurant when you are ready to blow your diet and feel justified afterward.


Magnolia’s Southern Cuisine is a New Orleans themed restaurant that offers up authentic soul food that makes you want to slap your mama. From their jambalaya to black-eyed peas, everything is seasoned well and full of flavor. The atmosphere is casual and fun for the entire family. It is set off of a busy avenue, so keep this in mind as you travel up their street. What should you try? Save room for their sticky pecan pie. It’s the kind of dessert that’ll will melt in your mouth.


Located in the historic Quincy Market, Dick’s Last Resort is the kind of restaurant that serves soul food designed to fill up your belly. Dick’s environment is lively and fun. So, it’s a great place to host a party at. Also, their food is slathered with every kind of sauce imaginable guaranteeing a need for a bib or wet wipe. Therefore, it’s not the restaurant you visit if you are afraid to get dirty. What’s should you try? They serve a great slab of BBQ ribs and honey roasted BBQ chicken. You won’t go wrong with either of these dishes.

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