Advantages of Taking Vitamin B12 Sublingually

Advantages of Taking Vitamin B12 Sublingually

Vitamin B12, a water soluble vitamin is vital for proper red cell formation, maintenance of healthy neurological function and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) synthesis. Vitamin B12 also promotes a healthy heart, increases energy and helps to prevent confusion and loss of memory in the elderly, according to Quality Nutritional Supplement website. Vitamin B12 is available in protein foods like fish, meats and eggs, as a dietary supplement in liquid, injection or sublingual tablet form. Taking vitamin B12 sublingually has its advantages.

Easy Access

Sublingual Vitamin B12 gets quick and easy access into the blood stream and affects the body by boosting energy, enhancing metabolism and gives a feeling of well being. It is painless and less expensive in comparison to the injection form and it also saves time because there is no need to visit the doctor’s office.

Optimum Absorption

Vitamin B12 absorption in the body is a complex process. There are conditions that may prevent or interfere with the adequate absorption of vitamin B12. Individuals with conditions like Crohn’s disease and celiac disease may not be able to absorb or store adequate B12 taken in foods or as an oral tablet. Sublingual vitamin B12 will be of benefit in these instances. Atrophic gastritis is a condition that affects the elderly, causing a decrease in the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. This results in poor absorption of vitamin B12. Taking vitamin B12 sublingually will benefit individuals with these conditions.

Additional Benefits

Another benefit of sublingual vitamin B12 is that is not excreted in the urine like other water soluble vitamins according to, Quality Nutritional Supplement website; instead it accumulates and is stored in the liver. Vegetarians and vegans who do not eat animal protein can benefit by adding sublingual vitamin B12 supplements to their diets. Individuals with diabetes, who are taking the hypoglycemic drug glucophage, will benefit from taking sublingual vitamin B12, because according to the Diabetes Health website, glucophage users may have low B12, therefore patients who are talking glucophage should be monitored for vitamin B12 deficiencies.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Signs of vitamin B12 deficiency include loss of appetite, fatigue and weakness, weight loss as well as the neurological changes which may include numbness and tingling of the hands and feet.

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