10 Minutes Bosu Ball Workout

10 Minutes Bosu Ball Workout

The Bosu Ball is the strange lookng, large half-sphere shaped exercise ball that is anchored to a flat plastic disk. As funny as it looks, this piece of equipment is extremely versatile and is relatively affordable at around $50-$60. Best of all, the Bosu Ball is a piece of equipment that allows you to get a full body workout in small space (bedroom or living room) without the need for any extra equipment.

I understand that some people are unable to commit to lengthy and ambitious workout programs due to their busy work and life schedules or because they cannot afford pricey gym memberships or personal trainers. No matter how busy you are, everyone has an extra ten minutes in their day to get this workout in. Before working out, please remember to properly warm up for a few minutes (run in place or do jumping jacks until you get a light sweat), and stretch for a few minutes to prevent cramps, strains, and other workout related injuries. Feel free to add or modify the routine to best suit your fitness needs and keep in mind this is just one of many different possible workout combinations.

The structure of the 10 minute workout is simple: four different exercises. Two and a half minutes per exercise. Five sets of each exercise. Each set is twenty seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Make sense?

In other words, do the four exercise for two and a half minutes each. For each exercise, you are doing the designated exercise for 20 seconds and then resting for 10 seconds. That will be repeated 5 times which ends up being 2 and a half minutes for each exercise. After you repeat that process for all four exercises, you will be done with the full ten minute workout! Since these are timed exercises, the number of repetitions you do is not set. You must simply push yourself to get as many reps as you can. My advice is to work hard on your first 20 seconds and use that number of reps as a goal to hit for the following four sets.

Now, onto the exercises!

  1. Bosu squat. This is the standard 90 degree squat that is made more difficult by having to stabilize yourself on the wobbly Bosu Ball. Make sure to keep your eyes forward and back straight. Do not look down or lose your posture. Think about how you would do a squat if your back were up against a wall and try to mimic that motion on the ball. When you get confident with this exercise you can change it to the jump squat. This is where you jump at the top of your leg extension and squat as your weight comes down onto the ball. Do not land on the ball straight legged and make sure you always keep your momentum moving.
  2. Push-Up. This is just like a standard push-up except with a twist. Flip the Bosu Ball upside-down and grab the handles that are conveniently placed on the outer edges of the plastic base. Proceed to do push ups with your feet on the ground or with your knees on the ground. If you must use your knees, make sure your back and hips are straight. The extra effort needed to keep your upper body stable as you balance on the Bosu provides an extra challenge. When this becomes easy for you, do a bouncing push up. This is where you push up and get air-born just like you would do for a clapping push up (minus the clap of course!).
  3. Sit-Up. Sit off-balance on one end of the Bosu Ball and lay back on it. Cross your arms over your chest and perform a standard sit-up. Having the Bosu underneath you will enable your back and stomach a fuller extension and larger range of motion to work your abdominals. Keep your feel planted on the ground.
  4. Fish Flop. The fish flop is a funny looking exercise but is highly effective in strengthening the back. Lay down face first on the Bosu with your stomach squarely on top of the ball. Now, this is where the name “fish flop” comes in. Put both hands behind your head and simultaneously lift your head and heels to the sky. At this point your stomach is the only thing touching the Bosu. You should look and feel like a beached whale. Make sure to keep your legs straight and together. Lower your head and feet to the ground and repeat this up and down motion.

There you have it. Using these four basic exercises you will get a full body workout in no time! After each workout make sure to cool down and stretch. Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate! I bet you will even discover new ways to use the Bosu that will challenge you and keep you motivated! Have fun and be safe!

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